Becoming a Freemason

We welcome your interest in our Fraternity.  If you are considering joining a lodge, then here are a few things that may aid you in your decision.

First, joining the Masons requires that a man, of his own free will, petition for membership.  We will not invite you to join.  As a matter of fact, Texas Masons are prohibited from soliciting new members.  This must be your decision.

Second, Masonry requires that a man believe in a higher power.  While we are not a religion, we are a society or organization of religious men.  You may be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or any of the other theistic religions, as long as you believe that there is a power higher than yourself.

Now, with those two things out of the way, how do you go about joining?

The first thing to do is to find a Mason and talk to him.  Ask him about the fraternity.  Most Masons are thrilled to talk about Masonry, but as mentioned above, we won’t initiate the discussion.  Chances are that you already know one or more Masons, although you may not realize that they are masons.  Ask around.  Keep an eye out for Masonic rings, license plates, window stickers, etc.

If you can’t find anyone to talk with, then you should contact your local Masonic Lodge.  Kendall Lodge is located at 897 E. Blanco, in Boerne, TX.  Feel free to drop by for a visit, or use our handy contact form.  If you aren’t in our area, then you can locate a local lodge in Texas by using the Grand Lodge of Texas’ Lodge Locator.  Outside of Texas, contact your state’s grand lodge, and they can help you.

Plan on visiting the lodge several times to get to know the brothers and to decide if you’d like to be a member.  Not only will you get to know folks, but they’ll get to know you as well.  One of the greatest benefits of Masonry is the opportunity to become friends with men who you may never have met otherwise.  Be sure to bring your family to visit as well.

Petitioning the Lodge

After you’ve decided that you do, indeed, want to join, then you should request a petition.  Along with some background information about yourself and your family, you’ll have to get signatures from several Masons.

Turn in your petition to the lodge.  Ask if there are any fees that need to accompany it.  After submission, your petition will be read by the lodge secretary at a stated meeting.

Now that you’ve submitted your petition, what happens next?

Investigation and Interviews

The Master of the Lodge will appoint an investigation committee.  These three men will look over your petition, contact your references, and will meet with you (and your family if any) for an interview.  There is a standard set of questions that each investigator must ask, but each may have additional questions for you as well.  Be honest with the investigator.  No Mason is perfect, nor do we expect petitioners to be perfect.  This is also a great time for your wife or kids to ask questions of the investigator.


The investigators will complete their reports and submit them to the lodge.  These reports, along with their recommendations will be read to the lodge at a stated meeting.  At that time, the Master of the lodge will call for a ballot to be taken on your petition.  Eligible Masons will then vote and the outcome will be announced to the lodge.

Soon after the stated meeting, you will be contacted with the outcome of the ballot and additional instructions.